Tangent Templates Book Creator GPT for ChatGPT

I have been using Tangent Templates for years. I was so excited to learn that Katharyne Shelton had produced a YouTube video on using Tangent Templates with ChatGPT. I wanted to be sure others were aware of it.

Here is a summary of what is covered in her video:

  • Introduction: Katharyne introduces the “Book Creator” from Tangent Templates, a new and free tool for creating low to medium content books. It’s accessible on Gumroad and users can pay what they want, including getting it for free.
  • Subscription Requirement: To use the Book Creator, users need a ChatGPT Plus subscription ($20/month), which provides enhanced ChatGPT features and access to the Book Creator.
  • Book Creator Capabilities: The Book Creator assists in brainstorming, creating content plans, conducting market research, competitive analysis, and developing marketing strategies for low to medium content books. It includes features like keyword strategies and buyer avatar creation.
  • Deep Values Framework and Customization: The tool is trained on the “Deep Values Framework,” which helps users understand the psychological reasons behind a book’s appeal. It offers customization options for different templates like workout journals, prayer journals, and gardening books, emphasizing the importance of differentiating products in the market.
  • Additional Features and Marketing Strategies: The Book Creator suggests sub-niches, provides writing prompts, and helps in creating educational and interactive content for target demographics. It also guides users in conducting keyword research and developing effective marketing strategies, with suggestions for using tools like Mid Journey for illustrations.

About the Author Book Club

On the morning of July 2nd, after I purchased another Kindle book recommended by a friend, Amazon offered me early access to creating an Amazon Book Club, so I set up the About The Author Book Club on Amazon. I know that many of my friends and followers are book authors and publishers who offer their works on Amazon. I featured my most recent purchases for the book club launch. Whether you are an author of one of the books I purchased on Amazon or an aspiring author, thinking of publishing your book on Amazon, I would be grateful if you would join the club. One week later, I decided to register the abouttheauthor.club domain to point directly to our Amazon book club because the link Amazon gave me to share was about three inches long in the browser window! I will be re-activating my About The Author Facebook group in support of our new Amazon book club as well and hope that you will join our community there soon.

Welcome to AboutTheAuthor.com

Welcome to AboutTheAuthor.com, a domain acquired by Westward Connections Inc. on April 21, 1998. Westward Connections CEO and founder, Barb Tomlin, envisioned it becoming a hub featuring the authors she had interviewed for CompuServe, Prodigy, and America Online over the years as well as authors she would come to know from that point forward. Within months Barb was contacted by Alfred Glossbrenner, a bestselling technology book author. He was collaborating with his wife Emily on a book titled “About the Author” and was hoping to lease abouttheauthor.com to use in promoting their book. Negotiations concluded with Westward Connections producing the website for their book promotion and leasing them the use of the domain for five years.

Fast forward to 2023.  The publishing world has changed dramatically. Barb is on a mission to publish some of her life’s work quickly, making it accessible to the world long after she is gone.